About Us

The community came together in the December of 2012 to establish the first Mussala in the City of Spruce Grove in the basement of the building where it stands today. Families in the community prepared the place for the 1st Adhan to be called. Since then the space is open for the Salaah (Prayers), Jumma, Taraveeh, study circles and weekly Iftaar during Ramadan.
Although, the current space accommodates offering Salaah (Prayers) but there are all kinds of limitations to conducting activities here that build a community, where youth could become the leaders of tomorrow. There is a need more than ever before to act now! The community understands that!
Keeping this in view we devised a short and a long-term plan.

Short-term plan:

To rent a large hall on the main floor at an affordable price to put the foundation of a Masjed and Community Centre that would serve the needs of our people

Long-term plan :

To purchase a piece of land to build or acquire a property to be repurposed as an Islamic Community Centre.

The purposes of the organization are as follows:

To advance the faith by establishing and maintaining a centre for faith based programs, assemblies, workshops, Quran and Islamic learning to further the religious tenets, doctrines, and observances of the Islamic faith and to fulfill the religious requirements of said tenets and observances for the Canadian Muslims

To alleviate poverty by providing basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, clothing, and or shelter to individuals or families that are poor, of low income, or in need, and in particular, the aboriginal and other disadvantaged communities in Canada. Furthermore, the organization seeks promote charitable activities by arranging food for the needy people specially homeless and poor Canadians

To develop and organize programs for youth members and youth in the wider community that are directed at preventative measures to protecting the youth from drug addictions, smoking, harassment and bullying, and to create a healthy environment for their physical, mental and emotional growth.

MNC Board of Director

Muhammad Asad Behrawar

Masud Raja

Mohammed Sameer Menon

Asadullah Chaudhery

Azhar Quddus

Muhammad Chaudhary

Syed Muhammad Idrees

Hashem Mohamed El Tawil

Shahida Azeem

Our Management Team

Nauraiz Ahmed

Ali Arian

Hashim El Tawil

Shawaiz Ahmed

Maaz Paniwala

Asad Behrawar