About Us

The community came together in the December of 2012 to establish the first Mussala in the City of Spruce Grove in the basement of the building where it stands today. Families in the community prepared the place for the 1st Adhan to be called. Since then the space is open for the Salaah (Prayers), Jumma, Taraveeh, study circles and weekly Iftaar during Ramadan.

Although, the current space accommodates offering Salaah (Prayers) but there are all kinds of limitations to conducting activities here that build a community, where youth could become the leaders of tomorrow. There is a need more than ever before to act now! The community understands that! Keeping this in view we devised a short and a long-term plan.

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Our Services


Spruce Grove Mussalla offers a place to Salaat (prayers)


The primary focus of our efforts is the youth.


We seek to organize free seminars, workshops, and other similar programs


Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims are is on the rise.


We seek organizing food drives to help the homeless