Our Services


Spruce Grove Mussalla offers a place to Salaat (prayers), Jumuah and Taraveeh during Ramadan. COVID has put limitations on the use of the space so study circles and potluck iftars are to resume after the pandemic, in sha Allah


The primary focus of our efforts is the youth. We seek to organize youth leadership training camps for youth from ages 13 to 19. Activities and games are geared towards teaching youth conflict resolution, leadership skills, critical thinking, etc. Structured group discussion on drug use/addictions, smoking, harassment and bullying. These discussions are led and moderated by experienced social workers, youth workers, and other professionals.


We seek to organize free seminars, workshops, and other similar programs for its members and the wider community on topics such as tolerance, harmony, human rights, respect for each other’s values, faith, believes and an effort to understanding of each other’s points of views.


Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims are is on the rise. We seek to do our part in countering islamophobia and misunderstandings about Muslims and Islam that exists.


We seek organizing food drives to help the homeless and the families in need.